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2024 Trends We Are Loving

If there’s one thing we love, its unique wedding details that help make your day extra special. As we pass the halfway mark of 2024, we wanted to share some top trends we have been loving at weddings this year.

Different style bridesmaids dresses

Your best girls are uniquely special, so why not reflect that in their dresses! Different style dresses gives bridesmaids freedom to chose cuts and colors that fit them best. We’ve seen a lot of brides give their bridesmaids a color palette and then let them pick out a dress. This gives them flexibility to be themselves and pick out a dress that they feel beautiful in!

Colorful flowers

As we hit those warm and sunny months, colors are making a resurgence! Color is back this year, and we think it’s going to be here to stay. Variegated and whimsical bouquets reminiscent of wildflowers and backyard gardens have been popping up everywhere.


Classy, timeless, elegant. Pearls bring that special touch to a dress that is a nod to traditional weddings. But we love the way brides have been incorporating pearl accents into veils, shoes, and jewelry. Pearl accents are all the rage in the wedding world right now, and we are here for it! It gives a bridal ensemble a very expensive and timeless charm that won’t look cheesy or outdated for years to come.

Fun reception details

You’ve tied the knot, cut the cake, and now it’s time to party! Fun lighting at receptions adds a really fun element to the dance floor, from glowing LED signs to wands guests can wave around to the beat of the music. A lot of times DJs and videographers will also set up colorful reception lights that make it feel like a party! You can ask your DJ or videographer if they plan on bringing lighting setup. It really adds a special touch to your photos and videos.

Bubble Exits

Everyone loves a sparkler exit, but have you ever considered bubbles? Not only is it a fun, energetic send off that helps everyone connect with their inner child, but it’s a great alternative for venues that don’t allow sparklers. It’s also a lot safer, as sparks won’t be flying around to singe anyone’s hair and clothing. It’s also cost effective and easy to find in stores. (Just a PSA, be sure to wear grippy shoes for your exit, as sometimes bubbles can get slippy on concrete surfaces).

We can't wait to see what the rest of 2024 holds!!


Written by Julia Tolar & Katie Knight


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