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Social Events & Design


We are fortunate to work alongside numerous vendors throughout the year, but there are a few who go above and beyond the expectation to make wedding days special.

Jessica at Social Events and Design is one of those vendors that takes wedding days to the next level.

Social Events and Design is a wedding and event planning company that helps turn dreams into a reality. We have had the privilege of working with Jessica on multiple occasions, where she has consistently demonstrated her expertise and dedication, regardless of the couples' unique visions and desired wedding aesthetics. Her prompt responsiveness to the vendor teams for each wedding, meticulous organization, and creation of comprehensive timelines contribute to seamless wedding day operations. Additionally, her genuine care for brides ensures that every aspect is tended to with the utmost attention, resulting in wedding days that flow effortlessly.

Kate Robbins says “Jessica was the perfect planner for my November 2023 wedding. Her attention to detail and previous experience made her opinions valuable and decision making so much easier. I never really got worried during wedding planning, because Jessica always had the answer for me. I would recommend her to any bride - I loved working with Social Events & Design!”

We are looking forward to working with Jessica for the weddings to come!

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Written by Julia Tolar & Anna Swanson


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